What is Crisis Palace?

This is the newsletter of me, Tate Williams, where I write about what I’m working on, what I’ve published, what I’m reading or watching, stuff happening. Look for links and discussion. 

What topics do you write about? 

The things I write about and the things I am interested in, which are roughly the same, include: 

Climate Change. Especially cities, transportation, and climate justice.  

Philanthropy and nonprofits. I worked in progressive nonprofits and fundraising for years and am interested in the influence this weird sector has on the world, and whether it can shift power.

Activism. As above, this is about the different levers we use to advance change and their outcomes and consequences.

Media. Comic books, television, books, genre fiction. 

And I guess that’s mostly it. We’ll see though.

What does Crisis Palace mean? 

Crisis Palace means actually nothing. It was the result from a twitter meme where the letters in my name determined what my Sonic the Hedgehog world would be called. I have a hard time naming things. 

Who are you?

I’m a freelance writer, my work has appeared in a bunch of places but the one I write for the most is Inside Philanthropy, where I cover climate change funding and the weird realm of people altering the world with tax-deductible allocations of wealth. But I’m interested in all kinds of stuff and my work has appeared in the Atlantic, Curbed, Boston Magazine, and more.